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Lenel OnGuard Enterprise

Advanced enterprise access control system sets the industry standard for integration and scalability

Open Architecture
Intelligent Fault Tolerant Response System
Industry standard for scalability
Complete Situational Awareness
Ease of Integration
Unlimited Scalability
Browser-based Clients and Mobile Apps
Why Choose OnGuard for Physical Access Control?

Supply of hardware and software

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Intelligent Single Door Controller

The LNL-1324e Intelligent Single Door Controller (ISDC) is edge device that provides a solution for connecting one or two single door readers in the OnGuard® system. Offer innovation at an affordable price, LNL-1324e the controller is a high performance card reader with Ethernet support panel that manages single port with 802.3af/802.3at compatible Power over Ethernet (PoE). Built on a proven platform, controller LNL-1324e easily interfaces with larger system for flexible and reliable expansion. Easy installation with PoE makes it a logical choice for single door control.
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Intelligent System Controller

The LNL-X3300 Intelligent System Controller (ISC) is designed for advanced access control applications. Like access control engine for the OnGuard® system, ISC provides power and functionality. ISC can communicate with host computer in an Ethernet configuration with one or two paths. Multiple combinations of input control modules, output control Card reader modules and interface modules (up to 64 devices) can be customized.

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Advanced Dual Reader Controller

The LNL-X4420 is an advanced dual read controller that provides a single board solution for interfacing up to 64 doors, plus additional inputs and outputs to the OnGuard® system. The LNL-X4420 controller provides a direct connection to an Ethernet network. from the login to the OnGuard server. In addition, other inputs/outputs and reader interface modules can be added to two controllers downstream ports, further expanding its capabilities. When communication loss, LNL-X4420 controller can support most its local functionality until the connection to the server is re-established.


Perfectly suited for enterprises and applications spread across multiple regions, OnGuard Enterprise offers a powerful network solution with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to enhance speed and reliability, including 10-fold cardholder replication.
The distinctive feature of Lenel Systems International's OnGuard system is its comprehensive solution for ensuring the security of corporate buildings.
The industry-leading solution for multi-server synchronized databases, ideally suited for enterprises operating in different regions.

Installation and commissioning of security systems

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