Service maintenance of office equipment

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Comprehensive service

Since the acquisition of office equipment should immediately think about its maintenance.

Subscriber maintenance of equipment

Saves company money and staff time, but also reduces the cost of purchasing new printing and duplicating equipment.

Service your equipment

The company AtyrauTechInvest is performed by certified specialists and experienced masters, they know all the subtleties of the “approach” to office equipment.

Service maintenance

We accept for service various printing and copying and duplicating office equipment Xerox, HP.

Other services

The list of IT infrastructure services we offer at the moment can satisfy the most demanding customer.

Technical audit of IT infrastructure

Allows you to find a common language between the management of the company, ordinary employees, and IT department.

Design, installation and commissioning

Individual attitude to each customer and accumulated experience allow us to develop solutions.

IT Outsourcing

Allows you to reduce maintenance costs and ensure uninterrupted operation of your office.