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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is IT outsourcing?
Outsourcing (from English outsourcing: external source) - transfer by the organization of certain business processes or production functions to serve another company specializing in the relevant field. In contrast to service and support services that are one-time, episodic, random, and limited to the beginning and the end, outsourcing usually transfers the functions of professional support for the uninterrupted operation of individual systems and infrastructure on the basis of a long-term contract (at least 1-2 years).
What guarantees does AtyrauTechInvest provide for its work?
The most obvious guarantee for the Customer is the contract, which clearly regulates all our obligations, and the fact that we do not limit the number of trips necessary to ensure smooth operation. We focus on the result. Regardless of the number of visits and the number of specialists involved in the work, the company guarantees the fulfillment of its obligations under the contract.
What is necessary for effective work of computer and office equipment?
Ensuring the smooth operation of servers; - Ensuring the smooth operation of copying equipment, printers, faxes; - Supply of consumables; - Ensuring the smooth operation of the PC; - Software support; - Support local network; - Ensuring the smooth operation of e-mail; - Recovery of information; - Substitution at the time of repair; - Reporting, problem analysis; - Recommendations for use. So you to us!
Why enter into a contract for subscriber maintenance of computers with the company, if a familiar student can set up anything cheaper for us?
Theoretically, indeed, any student can serve computers. In practice, students can do little, so they have to constantly experiment. Because of this, solving one problem, the student creates two new ones. Periodically, in the process of experiments, important information disappears, and computers stand idle for days when not in use. In addition, the student has an institute, a session, various hobbies. And there are periods when he simply is not up to you. That is, everything is bad, nothing works, and the student disconnects the handset. And it is not known if he turns it on in an hour or a month. In case of subscriber servicing of computers by third-party firms, such situations are excluded in principle.
I received several suggestions for the maintenance of computer equipment - how to choose the best option?
Today, the choice of such services in the field of small and medium businesses is not so great. The bulk of the proposals comes from single administrators or groups of two or three people who can offer an attractive price for their services, but will not be able to provide any guarantees for their work. Therefore, when choosing a service option, first of all, attention should be paid to such factors as the company's stability, the company's working time on the IT services market, the guarantees provided, the availability of an electronic application system for users, the availability of a hot-phone support, the number and qualification of employees.
What is the difference of your complex services from other technical support services that exist in the market? What advantages does it give?
Our services differ from the usual technical support services by a more comprehensive coverage of computer issues. They are not limited to maintenance and repair of computer equipment. Full services include standard IT outsourcing, software licensing, professional advice on emerging issues, planning and development of an enterprise information system - and, most importantly, all this at the price of regular technical support. A great advantage for a manager is that he does not need to look for several organizations to carry out various, sometimes diverse work.